Asset Manager

To trade for an extensive client base, money managers and asset managers require superior pricing with deep liquidity to handle all their client flow.

With SMFX, you can take advantage of our established global relationships, no matter what your size is. We understand pricing is critical for your business and our systems are built to deliver.

The Asset Managers programme is for qualifying established individuals, asset managers and financial institutions. It enables you to focus on your trading strategies and to maximize your clients' profits, whilst we take care of the back-office and administrative workload.

SMFX Asset Manager partners operate in accordance with their regions' regulations and are committed to continuously generating profitable business through a sustainable plan.

Features of SMFX Asset Manager Programme

  • Superior Order Execution
  • Block Orders from a single account
  • Unlimited Customer Accounts
  • Possibility of Nano Lots Allocation < 0.01
  • EAs Allowed
  • Automatic calculation of Fund Management Fees
  • Competitive Spreads with Deep Interbank Liquidity
  • Security of client Funds
  • Register as an asset manager
  • Open a live account
  • Refer clients
  • Add trading accounts to your portfolio